- When is checking in & out time? Check-in is possible from 14:00 and check-out until 12:00.
- Is there any baggage service? Baggage service is available at the Front Desk.
- Until when is it free to cancel or change the reservation? There is no commission when the reservation is cancelled or changed on 5 or more days before the arrival date.
- Is internet available inside rooms? Wifi is available inside all the rooms and public areas.
- Is car parking available? Parking is possible on the parking area of the 1st floor & the 1st basement. Parking fee is free.
- How can I make a reservation? Reservation is possible by phone or on-line of hotel web page.
- Is room rate is different according to no. pax? The room rate was calculated by basic no. of people. If it exceeds the basic no. of people, the extra charge is KRW15,000 per person. It’s not admitted to exceed the maximum no. of people and there is no refund.
- Is smoking possible in the rooms? All rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is possible in the designated area or the balcony of the room.
- Is morning call service available? Morning call service available if you request to the Front Desk.

- When is Restaurant open & closing? Restaurant is open from 07:30 to 22:00.
- I would like to know the details of the breakfast. Breakfast is operated from 07:30 to 09:00 for weekdays and from 07:30 to 09:30 for weekends. The time can be changed according to the hotel’s situation. The price is KRW 11,000 for the adult and KRW 7,500 for the children (36 months ~ 12 years). The menu is simple semi-buffet.
- Is the reservation of BBQ necessary in advance? BBQ is one day advance reservation basis. If there is any vacancy, it can be possible on the day of arrival without reservation.
- Is swimming pool open everyday? Swimming Pool is operated for summer season only.
- Is there any business center? Business Center is on the 1st floor of the per night hotel. PC & printer were set up and the printing is free upto 3 sheets.
- Is there any laundry or service? Laundry room is on the 1st basement of the hotel. Drum washing machine & drying machine was set up. You should pay the fee for using machine to the Front Desk. Laundry service is also available.
- Is there any hospital or pharmacy store? There are no hospital or pharmacy store around the hotel. We have the medicine for the first aid.

- Is there any shuttle service? Shuttle service is available at 3:00 pm in front of the Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal and at 3:10 pm in front of Gyeongju Station. Advance reservation is necessary and the service is not operated if there are no reservation.
- Is it comfortable to use public transportation? It’s convenient to take public transportation. You can reach the bus stop withing 3~5 minute walk.
- How far is it from the hotel to the tour sites? The hotel is located in the Bomun Resort Complex, the center of the tour sites. So, you can reach the tour sites within 15~20 minute drive.
- How can I go to the hotel from the KTX station? You can take a city bus 700 in front of the Gyeongju KTX station. It’ll take about 40 minutes from the station to the hotel. (The stop to get off is Hilton Hotel bus stop.)
- Is Internet is available? Internet is connected by wifi in the rooms and hotel public area.
- Is there any password for wifi? There is no password and it’s recommended to select the strongest signal.