Basic Information
- Reservation is available by telephone (+82-54-748-4848) or online reservation system of Benikea website.
- To guarantee your reservation, the room charge should be paid.
   If the payment is not settled down within 12 hours from the reservation, it’ll be cancelled automatically.
- When the reservation is made on the day of the arrival, the reservation will be cancelled automatically if the payment is not settled down
   within 1 hour from the reservation.

1. Check-in time is after 2:00 pm (3:00 pm for peak season). If you want to check-in after 22:00, advance notice is kindly requested.
2. The reservation is not allowed to the person below 20 years without his parents.
3. The group exceeding maximum no. of person is not allowed and there is no refund.
4. No pets are allowed.
5. Hotel is not responsible for the accidents by the guest’s carelessness.

Cancellation or Change Regulation
The below cancellation charge shall be deducted from the deposit of the total room charge when we refund.

Date of Cancellation Refund Commission
5 or more days before the arrival date 100% of total room charge No commission
3~4 days before the arrival date 70% of total room charge 30%
1~2 days before the arrival date 50% of total room charge 50%
On the day of the arrival No refund 100%