2 Bottles of Mineral Water (Complimentary)
2 bottles of mineral water is set up inside the refrigerator in the room.
4 bottles is provided in the suite.

Barbecue (Paid)
You can enjoy barbecue outdoor of the hotel.
Fresh vegetables and food is provided with the grill of barbecue charcoal.

Wifi Service (Complimentary)
Wifi is connected all the rooms.
You can use internet on the computer of the lobby and the business center.

Ondol floor in all the rooms
Korean style ondol floor was set up in all the rooms. So, you can feel the clean and comfortable condition of the rooms.

Beautiful Garden, Bomunjung
Beautiful small garden (named Bomunjung) is located within 2 or 3 minute walk.
Enjoy your relaxation in the famous garden.

Discount Coupon Service for the economic tour of the guests.
Discount coupons are provided in the front desk for the economic tour of the guests. The benefits can be changed by the companies.

1. Shilla Millenium Park
2. Gyeongju World
3. Water Parks
4. Teddy Bear Museum
5. Herb Land
6. Leisure Discount Coupon
7. Pop Museum
8. Thai Massage
9. Sauna of the K Hotel
10. Rent-A Car

Reservation Service for City Tour
Reservation service is provided for city tour

- 1 Course : Shilla Historical Area
- 2 Course : East Sea Area
- 3 Course : Unesco Area
- 4 Course : Yangdong Village and Namsan Area
- Night Tour

Price : Adult KRW 20,000 / Middle School Students KRW 18,000 / Child KRW 15,000
(Entrance fee & lunch is not included.)