Underwater Tomb of The Great King Munmu
Add. 26, Bonggil-ri, Yangbuk-myon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongbuk    TEL. +82-54-779-6396
"When I die, I will become a dragon to follow the teachings of the Buddha and preserve our country’s peace, so put my ashes in the East Sea. (omitted) When I breathe my last breath, burn my body, and the funeral ceremony should be simple and frugal.”
According to his will ‘Cremate my body in the yard (assumed to be Gyeongju Neungjitapji) outside the Gomoon (the door of palace)’, it is presumed that his body was cremated around the Gyeongju Neungjitapji and his bones were set in here, the Royal Tomb of the Great King Munmu.
Gameunsaji Three Story Pagodas
Add. 55-3, Yongdang-ri, Yangbuk-myon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongbuk    TEL. +82-54-779-6396
The largest two three story pagodas of Silla and Geumdang, Gangdang and Hwaerang are elegantly arranged on the temple grounds.
The three story pagodas are 13.4 meters tall, the largest three story pagodas not only in Silla but in all of Korea, are designated as National Treasure
Columnar Joints
Add. 405-2, Eupcheon-ri, Yangnam-myon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongbuk
Yangnam-myeon’s coastal area is blessed with lovely scenery and the natural geological wonder of columnar joints, sculpted by nature. You can witness diverse types of formations grouped and clustered along 1.7km of shoreline. See lines of elaborate stone columns over 10 meters high, evoking the columns of ancient Greek temples; horizontal columnar joints that resemble stacks of timber; and other mysterious formations resembling the crater lake atop Mt. Baekdu, a woman’s pleated skirt, an open fan, and flower buds. This unique world natural heritage is a veritable geological museum.